The Dozer: Life and Times

Monday, May 08, 2006

But where can I move?

Yes, I am still alive.

My last post was posted about 7 years ago now, but I’m back. What is it that brings me out of retirement you ask? It’s our federal budget. Can anyone explain to me why gas prices weren’t addressed? Why include a $100 monthly stipend to families (regardless or income) with children under 6 to be spend on childcare? Does steve harper (and Jim Flaherty) know that $100 does fuck-all when it comes to childcare? Why is our country encouraging both parents to work instead of parent? Why was the lowest income tax bracket raised? Do we want to make these folks poorer? These are question I need answered. I actually stopped by steve harpers house last weekend, but the gate was closed. A man of the people. Our country sucks. We used to have an identity. Where have you gone, Lester Pearson?