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Monday, November 07, 2005

David Tilson, I hate you.

I received a flyer in the mail the other day from none other than Homosexual- hater David Tilson, my local Member of Parliament.

Now, I’m not a big David Tilson fan. I never have liked these professional type politicians. When are regular people going to start getting elected to these positions? Anyway, all this is beside the point. The subject of this flyer that Mr. Tilson sent me was to address the ever controversial gas prices. The flyer was also directed at helping seniors cope with the gas prices. Screw the middle class folks with families. Anyway, that’s beside the point as well. Tilson outlined the Conservative 3 point plan for gas tax relief:
  1. Scrap the 1.5 cent per litre tax

  2. End the double taxing of fuel (GST tax-on-tax)

  3. Stop charging GST on gas when the price raises above a certain level
The result for Canadians? : Instant savings of 5 cents per litre.

This was the big Tory plan. This is what we pay our MP’s 140K a year to conjure up.  This is what I don’t like:
If the government starts losing money on gas taxes, where will they make up the shortfall? My guess is that the middle class will pay for it somehow come income tax time.  So in effect, the rich folks who drive the expensive SUV’s, and gas guzzling sports cars get relief at the gas pumps in exchange for people like myself paying higher taxes elsewhere.

I have no problems paying lots of tax on my gas. What I do have a problem with is the oil companies gouging the shit out of me. And I would have an even greater problem with getting gouged by the oil companies AND subsidizing people who chose to drive a gas guzzling vehicle. I think it would be a little more fair to issue checks to people based on their automobile and income. So David Tilson the lawyer and MP driving a SUV gets nothing; Steve Trumble the laborer driving a relatively efficient 2 door sedan gets a tax relief check. Fair.