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Saturday, October 01, 2005

She's a superfreak!

What I’m listening to right now: “A Long December”- Counting Crows

I really hate my nose.  I don’t tell many people this, but I haven’t smelled a thing in about 4 months. I smell the odd strong scent- like when I walk through the perfume isle at The Bay, or when Robbie farts, but other than that I smell nothing. Nothing. Pam’s fresh baked cookies? Nope. My parent’s filthy puppy? Nope. Sometimes I get a certain whiff of something that I can recall smelling at one point in my life. That’s always fun.

I was supposed to have this checked out by an “ears, nose, mouth” doctor awhile back, but I missed the appointment. I’m too embarrassed to call my Dr. back to get this rescheduled cause I don’t want to break it to him that I missed the first appointment.

So what do I do? Well for starters, I blow my nose an awful lot. So much so that I don’t even use Kleenex- Too expensive. I use toilet paper (about half a roll a day). I also have used a handful of over the counter products in my day, all with varying degrees of success. These are, however, temporary fixes.

What I’m listing to now: “Everybody Hurts”- REM

I was stumbling around on the internet, and I came across this article. I’m not to sure how reliable the “Times of India” happens to be, but I guess 150 million people are going to die. I love how the article is in a brief format. 150 million people going to die: put it in the World Briefs Section. Pakistan cricket coverage: give it it’s own section. Nice paper you got there.


What I’m listening to now: “So Much To Say” > “Superfreak” > “Too Much” : Dave Matthews Band (live)