The Dozer: Life and Times

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Anal With a Gas Pump

I was reading the 2005 Time Almanac, and I came across some interesting information. There was a table of the “Top World Oil Producers, Exporters, Consumers, and Importers, 2003”. Canada was number 8 on the oil producers list with 3.11 million of barrels per day. They were also number 8 on the consumers list with a total oil consumption of 2.2 million barrels per day. These facts don’t seem to make sense to me. How is it that WE produce more oil then we need, yet gas prices keep going up? How does Hurricane Katrina affect OUR gas prices, when we seemingly produce enough oil to remain self sufficient? I sure wish I had the answer to that question.

These fucking crooks need to be investigated. They make us all believe there is some huge shortage of oil. Not True. They make us believe that oil will run out sometime soon. Again not true. And in the end, our government stands by idle yet again while we get fucked right in the ass with a gas pump.

~The Dozer