The Dozer: Life and Times

Sunday, September 11, 2005

We can be Hero's

It’s September 11th and nobody seems to care. I've always fancied myself as some sort of “anti-emotional” guy, but truthfully, the terrorist attacks of 9-11 have always bothered me abit. Okalahoma city building didn’t bother me. Various plan crashes don’t bother me. Princess Di or JFK Jr. dying didn’t bother me. SARS didn’t bother me. Train derailments killing 250 don’t bother me. 9-11 did. Now it just seems everyone has forgotten some 4 short years later. I haven’t seen any specials on TV or even coverage on Usually CNN is all over this shit. I guess with this hurricane and all, nobody gives a shit.

Is it just me, or is David Bowie the creepiest mother effer on the planet? I saw him on one of those wonderful telethons and he really gives me the creeps.

~The Dozer