The Dozer: Life and Times

Thursday, September 08, 2005


I hate when my internet is down. It makes me wanna kill myself. Usually, I’m on the ‘net for a purpose, and downtime courtesy Rogers Telecommunications really puts a damper on my plans. Today, for instance, I decided to come on the internet and look to purchase something to control the Algae in my pond (a story in its own regard). Guess what? INTERNET DOWN.  This is unacceptable. Two weekends ago, I was in a tense bidding war for an item on eBay. Down to the last few hours, the internet went down. With people coming over, I shifted my focus to Cable television (which I watch very little of). All set to watch my beloved Cowboys, the digital cable was out as well. Good work Rogers. Ruin my whole fucking night. Strike that- ruin my whole weekend!

As I write this, I am on hold with Rogers. It’s been 13 minutes (and counting). All I want to know is if this is a problem with my computer, or a problem on their end. Luckily, their bullshit “on hold” music (I think its Vanessa Carlton) is being drown out by U2 (“Out of Control”- which remains one of my favorite U2 tracks). Given the length of time on hold, I’m assuming that this must be a problem on their end in which case they should just put up a pre-recorded message to let me know.

Its been 17 minutes and counting. Way too far in this call to hang up. I’ve hit the proverbial point of no return. I just wanna talk to someone other than my Microsoft Word. I just wanna buy algae killer. I just wanna check my email. I just wanna surf the net. I just wanna end world hunger. Just joking- that’s silly. Let’s be realistic- I just want internet. Considering what I’ve been through in the past 20m 47s, ending hunger might be more realistic.

~The Dozer