The Dozer: Life and Times

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Post 2

When disaster strikes, I love reading about all the opportunistic celebrities that come to the aid of the poor, sick, and out of luck with their generous donations of money, and in some cases time. This particular donation, however, really makes me laugh: Tennis star Serena Williams announced she is donating $100 for every ace she hits for the remainder of the season. Wow. Very generous. At least she even knows there was a disaster. Sister Venus was apparently unaware as she is much to self absorbed to care about something so petty. Those two make me sick to my stomach.

My Weekend  

Being the last long weekend of the summer, it was defiantly go time. I went over to Robbies house on Friday, and drank roughly 13 ounces of my patented Gibson’s Finest Rye in my famous cleaned out spaghetti sauce bottle. The lack of sleep throughout the week, coupled with my extreme hunger,  led me to shut’er down at the bar- I only had 1 drink. Usually on a Friday like that, 8 to 16 drinks would have been in store.
     After the bar, we (thankfully) went over to Toppers Pizza, and I had a personal pan “Canadian” pizza, which I have been referring to incorrectly as “Canadiania.  During the pizza eating, we found a cell phone, which usually doesn’t bode well for the cell phone’s owner, but luckily for him (or her) he (or she) was out of minutes.

This Saturday was the 17th annual Washerboard Tournament of the World. Well, not really the world (and not really the 17th annual),  but rather an excuse for us all to get drunk and do something. A blast was had by all, and “Team Dozer” consisting of Kerri and myself made it to the semi finals. I don’t even know who won.

At the party/BBQ Mike “OD” O’Donnell wondered how history might have been altered if certain people had different names:

-Braydon Hitler
- Sheldon Mussolini
- Shawn Castro
- Eric Bin Laden

You get the idea. No way a guy named Braydon kills 6 million Jews. No way.

That’s about all I did this weekend. Acyually come to think of it, I stole from the Gas station. $1.28/L. That’s what I call a deal. Suckers.

~The Dozer