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Friday, September 30, 2005

One-4-Three Cruises!

What I’m listening to right now: “All I Want Is You”- U2

Have you caught the latest of the hurricane coverage? I know I always say I’m gonna stop harping on this, but the story keeps getting better. If ever there was a story that highlighted The Unites States’ inability to coordinate and their fiscal irresponsibility, this is it.

Anyway, FEMA- the Federal Emergency Management Agency has contracted Carnival Cruise lines to house displaced New Orleans residents for 6 months at a cost of $236 MILLION. Hard to fathom actually. If you do the math, assuming 3 ships are at capacity, it works out to almost $1300USD per person, per week. Most expensive cruise that doesn’t cruise of all time. Not only did the US Gov’t appear to get screwed on this deal, they appear to be getting screwed by a company that has been screwing them! You see, Carnival is incorporated for tax purposes in Panama. They paid $3 million in income tax benefits on $1.9 billion in pretax income last year according to the Washington Post. Horseshit. But would you expect more out of FEMA? After all, they did hire that leadership- less sack of shit Michael Brown without even checking out his resume.

Reason number 8966234 why the Death Penalty is a worthless piece of shit, I read on CNN that some poor guy who spent close to 20 years in prison has been deemed innocent. If you believe in Capital Punishment, you’re fucking crazy. The justice system is far from perfect; the sentences should be far from absolute. Aside from that simple point, it cost too much, and it’s NOT a deterrent. I digress. Pro Death Penalty always think they win this argument by saying “What if it was your Mother/ Brother/Sister, Father/ person you love that was killed? Wouldn’t you want them put to death?” No, Mr. Pro State Murder Lover. I would not.

What I’m listening to now: “Bad”- U2. (One of the greatest songs ever)