The Dozer: Life and Times

Friday, September 23, 2005


I’m really sick of this whole hurricane thing. Do I really need constant updates on Rita? I hate the fact that they are even refereed to by name. And the whole category thing. Is this necessary? Or are these ratings just part of the United States’ fear mongering process? CNN loves this shit. I don’t think I ever remember a time when the every twist and turn of every storm was followed quite as close as this. The thing that pisses me off about CNN is that instead of reporting countless “feel good” stories and other lame observations, they should be focusing on the inept actions of the United States (all 3 levels of government) preceeding, during and following the Attack. I mean the storm. But do they? Hell no.

Did you catch the President Bush speech on “the war on terror” and the hurricanes? This line was priceless:

See, they don't care who they kill; they just kill. They kill innocent people. They kill women. They kill children. They kill election workers.

Election workers? Are you serious?

And they've had a history of this before. They've had a history of escalating their attacks before Iraq's major political milestones, like the handover of sovereignty in 2004, the free elections this past January, and the drafting of the constitution over the summer.

A history? Three attacks taking place in 2004, January and this summer constitutes “a history”. I guess I have a history of paying $109.4 for gas.